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Our Services

Mother and Baby Massage

Massage helps mother to recover from the weakness also keeps the mother to be healthy physically and mentally -Ease gas and constipation — stroking his tummy can help disperse air -Release tension, for example, teething -Relax his arm and leg muscles -And of course, to help him develop a close and trusting relationship with you

Mother and Baby Bath

Although your baby doesn’t do the same activities as older children or adults that may warrant daily bathing, he/she still needs a bath two to three times a week. Babies need regular baths to clean their skin and hair more consistently than being wiped with a cloth after eating or during a diaper change. we provide regular baby bath as required. Wash (-clothes belongs to mother and child will be washed properly so that any kind of inaction can not effect them)

Washing and Cleaning

Cleaning- (Healthy and clean enviroment is neccessory for newborn baby and new mother as well, thats why good cleaning of a house is compulsary) -washing- we help in washing and cleaning of cloths with stuffs used for taking care of mother and child to keep them away from infections and other medicated problems and diseases

Yoga and Meditation

we provide Yoga and Meditation classes for mother to take care for her mental health as well -Yoga can also lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia -improved respiration, energy and vitality -maintaining a balanced metabolism

Household Maid Services

We also give all Maid Services for your home i.e. cleaning of house, washing, and other related house-hold tasks -provide all sufficient and required Services to keep both mother and child Stressfree and Healthy

Welcome to Daimaa

Dai Maa is a Platform Initiated to Take Care of the Infant and the Mother as well, from the Scratch We Provide all the Required and Desirable Services Like Baby Massage, Baby Wash, Cleaning and Bath also to take Care of the Mother in Order to Maintain her Health and other issues.

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Meet our team

Nivea Singh


The Complete Care of a New Born Baby and Mother is a Step taken by Daimaa in the direction of a Healthy Family



Daimaa is a Step Taken to Help and Improve Health of Mother and New Born Child and to Help Establish a New Generation Society.


Basic Package

26 Days in a Month

  • Mother and Baby Massage & Bath

Pro Package

26 Days in a Month

  • Maid for Full Day
  • Mother and Child Bath & Massage

Additional Package

As Customize (9 Am to 6 Pm)

  • Household Work
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Starting From 5000(Customized)

Gifts From Daimaa-

1 Baby Feeding Cover and 10 Cotton Cloth Diapers.

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